Welcome to Lei Yoga

Welcome to our peaceful haven right here in Dagenham, where I believe yoga is for everyone, irrespective of age, fitness level, or previous experience. As your certified yoga instructor, I’m passionate about combining traditional and modern techniques to help you unlock the holistic benefits of yoga. In our inviting, inclusive, and serene space, you’re encouraged to stretch, strengthen, and find tranquillity amidst your busy life. Here at our Dagenham studio, I offer a variety of yoga styles tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. Together, let’s breathe, flow, and grow on this transformative journey.

Experience the Journey

I find my strength and serenity in each yoga pose. I’m excited to guide you on this journey, exploring your capabilities and discovering tranquility within.

Discover Balance with Lauren

Dedicated and inspiring, Lauren embodies the journey of yoga in every pose. Her teachings, rooted in authenticity and kindness, encourage students to explore their potential and embrace the path of self-discovery.

Your Oasis of Calm

Escape the urban rush and embrace the transformative power of mindful movement with us at Kingsley Hall. Our setting provides a backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation, but the heart of our sanctuary lies in the personal exploration and sense of peace you’ll cultivate with each body balance session.

Connect in our Community Space

Situated in Valence Library, our studio is a thriving hub within our yoga community. This is a welcoming place where individuals on similar paths unite, creating meaningful connections as they individually journey towards inner peace and self-discovery. While our physical space supports your practice, the true value of our studio lies in the personal growth and lasting friendships formed within its walls.